Business Analysis

Web sites require a good bit of strategy to be successful on an Internet of literally billions of Web pages. Aside from completely new businesses, the majority of companies that contact Softwyre already have an existing Web site. Their primary reason for contacting us is simple: "Make my Web site more successful in achieving my goals." For some, this means selling more products. Others are looking for increased visibility, membership growth, or systems integration.

Some of our customers come to us with very detailed specifications for their needs that we can then use to construct a blueprint for their new Web sites. Many others, however, aren't sure of the best approach, and rely on Softwyre consultants to guide them.

Because we believe in truly understanding an organization, rather than just the technology behind it, Softwyre offers full business analyses for our clients. As with our other services, we customize our strategy approach to our clients' needs; however, most will include:
  • Internal interviews with the leadership of the organization in order to determine the vision of the Web site and how it fits with the overall business
  • Information architecture design
  • External / internal user analysis
  • Internal site management capabilities and resources
  • Anticipated revenue streams
  • Usability requirements
  • Technical integration research and requirements
  • Security analysis
These efforts culminate into a detailed strategy that serves as the blueprint for a successful long-term Web site development project.

Contact Softwyre today to learn how we can devise a successful plan for your Web site or software application.
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