Search Engine Marketing

"If you build it, they will come" may work for baseball fields in Iowa, but the same certainly doesn't hold true for Web sites. So now that you have this great Web site, how do you market it? Online marketing can come in a variety of forms, and the best marketing solution for one Web site may be very different from another. Softwyre offers a variety of Search Engine Marketing strategies and will recommend the best approach to achieve your particular goals.

Search Friendly Design

Softwyre designs and builds each Web site with search engine visibility and accessibility in mind. We adhere to Search Engine Friendly design and coding best practices that help ensure your new site is designed to be found and indexed by the major search engines. Our best practices allow for the custom tailoring of important HTML elements on which search engines place great importance, such as title tags and hidden tags like meta description and meta keywords.

We lay the groundwork for your success by designing and coding a Search Engine Friendly Web site.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

In order for your organization to rank well, you must go beyond Search Engine Friendly design and actively Optimize your website.

Getting your Web site picked up in the search engines is one thing. Getting your Web site to rank well in the search engines is another issue altogether. It is imperative in today’s market to actively try to outplace your competition. This can be done through a coordinated Search Engine Optimization campaign with Softwyre.

We begin by conducting an analysis of your Web site design, content, keywords, and structure. We then provide you with a snapshot of what your competition is doing. From there our search engine marketing professionals come up with a custom search engine marketing strategy which, if followed correctly, will contribute to your Web site’s overall search engine visibility.

Softwyre's team of developers and qualified search marketing professionals can execute your Web marketing strategy for you, to ensure proper implementation.

Some of these strategies include and are not limited to the following:

  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Content Development Strategies
  • Link Popularity Strategies
    • Internal Link Building
    • Backlink Building
  • Rank Monitoring and Maintenance

Pay Per Click Advertising

Softwyre can also work with you to devise and carry out a paid placement campaign. This is for the "sponsored" links that you'll often find in your search engine results. Indeed, Softwyre can help establish a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign within Google, Yahoo!, MSN, or other popular search engines.

Our Paid Search Marketing campaign management services include:

  • Pay Per Click Creation and Management
    • Google Adwords
    • Yahoo! Search Marketing
    • MSN Ad Center
    • Sponsored Listings
  • Landing Page Design/Optimization
    • A/B Testing

Contact Softwyre today to see how we can help your potential customers find you online through Search Engine Marketing.
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