Web Site Design & Development

Successful Web sites require more than a "pretty face," but let's be honest, first impressions count. Have you ever been to a Web site that looked anything but professional? Maybe one that was nearly impossible to navigate and find the information you were searching for?

Our award-winning production team will work with you to create an image that fits your business and captures your target audience's attention. We'll also focus our efforts on planning a Web site that addresses important criteria such as:
  • Branding. Does the site design and tone comply with your company brand?
  • Findability. Can users find your Web site in the first place?
  • Usability. Once they're in, can site visitors find the information they seek?
  • Accessibility. Can users with disabilities, old computers and 56K Internet connections use your site?
  • Message. What is the purpose of your site, what will your visitors want to accomplish, and what actions do you want visitors to take?
  • Content Management. Will you be updating the Web site with content management tools, or would you rather have us take care of it?
  • Success Metrics. How will you know your site is a success? Increased product sales? Reduced volume of customer calls?
The end result is a Web site that balances your brand image, customer needs and business requirements. Every Softwyre Web site has defined business objectives and a measurable Return on Investment (ROI). We follow a proven and methodical development process, and create a phased development schedule so you can see results quickly and reap the benefits sooner.

A well designed Web site can be a great asset to your company by providing insight into who you are and the services you offer. Grow your business by creating your own unique global presence on the Web.

Check out the successful Web sites we've designed in the past.

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