Servicing all your Web, software and IT needs.

Our expert services cover all aspects of the Web site and software development life cycle—from scrupulous design and development of custom software applications to complete support and maintenance of existing applications. Here’s a look at the services we offer:

Office 365 Agent

 Microsoft Office 365


Web Site Design & Development

Whether you need E-Commerce, Intranet development, a custom Web application, animation, a content management system, or a brand-forward place to display company information online, Softwyre's award-winning Web development team will work with you to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs.



Hardwyre Managed Services

The purpose of Hardwyre's Managed Support is to relieve you and your IT team of all of the worries, strains and unending inconveniences of network management. Under Managed Support, Hardwyre takes on the burdens, freeing you to do more important things. Like work.

Managed Support is a lot like preventative medicine. Our engineers are proactive and constantly manage systems to prevent problems before they occur. We take full responsibility for the health and monitoring of our Managed Support customers' computer networks. What's more, we become very familiar with their unique business processes and IT infrastructure, and implement custom solutions over time that work to boost operating efficiency and increase the business value of IT investments.

For those clients whose needs dictate regularly scheduled on-site support, guaranteed response times, or high volume on-call service, Hardwyre has developed a multi-tiered service agreement structure. The contracts are based on monthly service blocks with guaranteed response times. The larger the monthly service block, the deeper the reduction in the hourly rate versus the standard on-call rate. We call it guaranteed support at a solid price. Our customers call it peace of mind.

Hardwyre's Managed Support includes:

  • An experienced, dedicated team responsible for the health and management of your system, 24/7/365
  • Customized, integrated planning to prevent downtime
  • Recurring consultation to manage and continuously optimize system performance
  • Deep knowledge of your unique infrastructure
  • Custom implementation process designed to your business needs
  • Onsite and remote customer support
  • Immediate response to emergency support calls and tickets

To get the ball rolling on managed network support for your business, call 501.851.2880 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Software Development

Softwyre provides complete software implementation, starting with analysis, design and development, quality assurance testing, deployment, support, upgrades and enhancements. Our core software design and development services include Web and mobile application development, high-end client-server application development, enterprise application development, re-engineering existing systems, and software systems maintenance and support.



Search Engine Marketing

"If you build it, they will come" may work for baseball fields in Iowa, but the same certainly doesn't hold true for Web sites. So now that you have this great Web site, how do you market it? Online marketing can come in a variety of forms, and the best marketing solution for one Web site may be very different from another. Softwyre offers a variety of Search Engine Marketing strategies and will recommend the best approach to achieve your particular goals.



Logo Design

Your brand is the impression formed at every point of contact with your prospects and clients. Everything that comes in contact with a customer—brochures, direct mail, web sites, advertisements, presentations, e-mails, signs, exhibits, sales people and more—creates perception of your company (good or bad) because of your brand. Softwyre can help you make a lasting, positive impression with customers through logo design and brand identity development.



Business Analysis

Some customers craft detailed specifications that we use to construct blueprints for their Web sites. Most, however, aren't sure of the best approach, and rely on us to guide them. Because we believe in truly understanding our customers (rather than just the technology behind them), Softwyre offers business analysis. We ask lots of questions. We offer ideas that can broaden your goals. And when the analysis is completed, your target is clerly defined and attainable.



Managed IT Services

Wouldn't it be nice if you and your IT team could dispose of all of the worries, strains and unending inconveniences of network management? You can. With Hardwyre Managed IT Support, Softwyre takes on the burdens of network and IT management, freeing you to do more important things. Like work.



E-mail Marketing

Looking for a cost-effective way to touch your customers online? E-mail marketing is a great place to start. Softwyre can help you reach your customers efficiently and inexpensively by designing branded e-mail newsletters, creating goal-oriented e-mail marketing campaigns, and providing e-mail marketing tools to measure your ROI.




Writing effective Web copy isn't easy. But great copy is essential to ensuring that your site visitors—and your customers—understand exactly who you are, what you or your business can do for them, and how they can accomplish the tasks they came to accomplish on your Web site. Softwyre offers copywriting and copyediting services to get your message across clearly, effectively, and with panache.



Database Development

Databases have become so basic to the business environment that it’s next to hopeless to stay competitive without the assistance of some sort of database technology. Whether you want to keep records for a small business or run a large e-commerce Web site, developing the right database system can be a major challenge. Softwyre can help you with that.



Content Management Tools

Is there anything more frustrating than needing to update your Web site, right now, but having to wait for your IT person to get through the other 23 things on his list? Or having to wait for your Web company to call you back to schedule the change? These are bottlenecks and headaches you can do without. Softwyre offers powerful content management tools to allow you and your staff to update your Web site in real-time.



Social Marketing

Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. YouTube. Blogs. Forums. Wikis. Used appropriately—to achieve a measurable business goal—social marketing tools like these can do a lot of good for your business. Softwyre can help you develop strategies to build online communities through blogs, social networks, viral videos, custom widgets and more.



Network Design

Softwyre has extensive experience in designing and deploying both local and wide area networks including:


  • Cabling installation and coordination
  • Router configuration and setup
  • Wins/DNS server installation and configuration
  • Remote access configuration
  • Remote network management



Microsoft Exchange Management

Hardwyre specializes in the implementation and support of Microsoft Exchange Server to solve the Email hosting needs of small- to medium-sized businesses in all industries throughout Arkansas.


Open Source Developer