Social Marketing

Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. YouTube. Blogs. Forums. Wikis. Used appropriately, social media avenues like these can do a lot of good for your business. Softwyre can help you develop strategies to build online communities through blogs, social networks, viral videos, custom widgets and more.

These applications of marketing along with other concepts and techniques are used to achieve a specific goal. These goals will be different for every business. Most will involve selling a product or service, increasing visibility, and building ideas or brand awareness. The benefits of Social Marketing are:

  • Increased Traffic to Site
  • Brand Presence
  • Competitive Market Insight
  • Create Customer Relationships
  • Increase Revenue

Your social marketing campaign needs a message that appeals to the targeted community you want to reach. You can use entertainment, humor, controversy, and other informative information as some of the most common ways of reaching your target audience.  Social Marketing is related to other online marketing tactics:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Viral Marketing
  • Word of Mouth
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization

Social Marketing takes a more functional role by influencing, directing, or recommending that your audience members connect and create the content.

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